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Fleetwood Delivering experiences worth discovering and sharing, we create inspirational communities

We design and build stunning outdoor structures that are always in tune with the environment and inspired by what the community needs. Once complete, they become landmarks that give people a reason to love where they live.

Our re-energised DE2 model removes the gaps between architectural intent, engineering functionality and installation to guarantee an outcome that is as close as humanly possible to your original idea. We work seamlessly and collaboratively with partners in an end-to-end process. Whether you’re planning to put in a needed bridge, designing a playground or laying an environmentally conscious walkway through a preservation area, our team will help you develop your vision into a much-loved experience.

Our DE2 approach is unique because it places the needs of landscape architects, developers, contractors and local councils at the centre of everything we do. Through this ‘design-led’ engineering process, you are given all the support and experience you need to transform your ideas into iconic structures.

It really is that simple and that effective. In essence, we always deliver what’s best for the community, while making sure we do what’s best for you.

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Meet our team

Partnering with Landscape Architects, Developers, Contractors and Local Councils, we deliver experiences that create inspirational communities.

Award Winning Communities

Aesthetic appeal is every bit as important as functionality. In partnership with Australia’s leading landscape architects, we’ve delivered some of the country’s most inspired – and awarded – public domain designs. And our partners count on us to do it, time after time.

Adelaide Zoo Parks & Leisure SA Award of Excellence 2017.

Bondi Beach NSW Architect (Small Project) Award (2017)

Barangaroo Reserve World Architecture News (WAN) Waterfront Award (2015)

Narrabeen S2 Parks and Leisure Australia Award of Excellence 2015.

Wild Play Good Design Award for Urban Design at the 60th Good Design Australia awards (2018)

Barangaroo Reserve NSW AILA Presidents Choice Award (2015)


We are proud to be recognised by 7 key industry + government partners across Australia

ACT Government

AILA Major Partner – VIC Chapter

Local Government Procurement

Our Contract: 3.08-2

Municipal Association of Victoria

Our State Contract: PP4924

Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA)

ASSDA Accredited Member

Conserve Compliance

AILA Major Partner – NSW Chapter

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Fleetwood have delivered on every promise they’ve made, they are a very professional company who are good at coming up with solutions

Greg Norsa City of Ryde Council